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The Institute and its founder



The Institute was built in the year 1929. The constructor was Valentin Zeileis, the "inventor" of high-frequency therapy.

1912 he purchased Castle Gallspach and treated his patients to a moderate extent there.

He achieved astonishing and amazing results and that made several reconstructions of the castle necessary.

In 1924 his son, MR Dr. Fritz G. Zeileis started to assist him.


Valentin Zeileis

MR Dr. Fritz G. Zeileis


His vision to have a building of his own built, in which he could treat his patients, was realized a few years later (in 1929).

Valentin Zeileis was not an orthodox medical practitioner and was therefore often met with hostility, but the many successfully cured patients certified that he had chosen the right path.

The founder died in 1939, the Health Care Center is run by his descendents strictly in his spirit.

Not to be forgotten are Dr. Maria Rotter (she stood in for Dr. Zeileis while he was doing his military service during the war) as well as Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler (He was a physicist and chemist at the Institute for decades), who have substantially contributed to the success of this magnificent project.




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