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The Zeileis Method

"Zeileis High-Frequency Therapy" (d´Arsonvalisation)

The d´Arsonvalisation (name after Jaques Arsène d’Arsonval), which is the correct name of the main therapy practiced at our Institute, is a kind of skin-stimulus therapy. Short high-frequency impulses at a high voltage are used. The amplitudes of the vibrations are not of the same size, they gradually decrease to so-called subdued vibrations.


One distinguishes between local d´Arsonvalisation (skin-stimulus therapy) and general d´Arsonvalisation (so-called auto conduction, …Solenoid,..).

While two electrodes are used for all other forms of electrotherapy, d´Arsonvalisation is carried out with just a single electrode, therefore unipolar. The doctor´s finger is the counter-electrode.

Starting with the supply voltage a capacitor is charged via a high-tension transformer, whose energy is discharged via a spark gap in the primary inductor of a high-tension transformer (Tesla-Transformer – named after Nikola Tesla). The secondary inductor then has an extremely high voltage. The therapeutic electrode is attached to the end of the secondary inductor.

The founders


The Application

Application with metal implants


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