Start Die Methode Zeileis Beschreibung

The Zeileis Method


Energy for your well- being

High-frequency therapy is the main treatment used in the Zeileis Public Health Centre. It is combined with other kinds of therapeutic treatment according to the clinical picture.
The affected parts of the body are treated with a therapeutic electrode that looks like a shower head and sends out healing high-frequency impulses.

The body receives energy that activates its self-healing powers and hereby eases grievances and helps the body recover:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Activates muscular system
  • Alleviates pain




Length of Treatment

In order to achieve longer-lasting recovery (usually 6-12 months), a minimum of 30 individual treatments are required, whereby you are treated three times a day.

After a view days, usually on day 3 to 5, your body strongly reacts to the therapy ("readjustment"..), which may temporarily intensify your symptoms.
This is to be regarded as a successful reaction to therapy and consequently as a positive sign that the body is starting to recover.

Our team of professional doctors is always available for questions pertaining to our main medical treatment.


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